New stable ilastik release 1.4.020 February 2023

We are happy to announce the release of the new stable ilastik version 1.4.0.

Among many other improvements, this release contains the a new workflow, the Neural Network Classification workflow. This workflow allows you to apply pre-trained neural networks on your own data. Where do you find the networks? At the community-driven Model Zoo! If there is no network for your problem yet, give it some time, or contribute one yourself!

Release Highlights:

  • Neural Network Workflow: run pre-trained neural networks from Model Zoo in ilastik
    • Networks can run on CPU, GPU (choose the GPU build for Windows, or Linux), or on a remote server
    • No Neural Network training, yet - we’re working on it.
  • New startup screen!
  • Major UI and performance improvements for the Multicut Workflow
  • Stability/Usability improvements in the Carving Workflow
  • By popular demand: redo/undo for brush-strokes
  • Many bugfixes throughout

New Contributors for this release:

  • Development team: Benedikt Best, Emil Melnikov, Maksim Novikov, Tomaz Vieira
  • Outside contributors: Sebastien Herbert, Jonas Hund, Boaz Mohar, Constantin Pape


  • We are thankful for all users who helped improving ilastik by giving as feedback and suggestions, and helping us debug issues
  • We are grateful for funding received from DFG, CZI and the HBP.