ilastik code-base

All code is open source and can be found on Github.
It is divided into the two main repositories: ilastik (with lazyflow, the underlying lazy execution framework), and our 5D-viewer volumina.


Pre-built binaries

Installation instructions are available for installing the pre-built binaries for all major platforms.

Even with the pre-built binary, developers power-users can run their own Python scripts with the provided interpreter. See the note in the Headless Mode documentation for details.

Development environment

Instruction on setting-up a development environment can be found in our contributing guidelines in our main repository.

Building ilastik-specific dependencies

Furthermore, there are repositories for a comprehensive build system for Linux, Mac, and Windows, based on the conda/mamba and conda-build tools.

Developer documentation

Introduction into programming ilastik, ilastik's design and API documentation is available as Sphinx documentation for the sub-projects ilastik, lazyflow and volumina.